June 2016 Program

Quilts shown by the members Of Needles and Friends Quilt Guild.

Luana Walker

Rita Dennis

Janet Lewis

Terri Barnes

Fern Lamberson - Light Box

Michelle Fox

Phyllis McCarter

Thelma Holdman

Sheril Kelley

Bonita Campbell

Michelle Welch

Ethel Rudd

Eva Lou Koons

Lois Bartz

Elaine Schooley

Bonnie Rypma

Sharon Hobble

Hennie Harris

Anna Hill (4)

Peggy Luck (block was made in 1916?)

Sharon Meek

Mary Winter

Irene Blackwelder

Cynthia Shattles

Ronda Widener

Rose Luck

Louise Wyrick

? ? ?

Please let me know who made this and I will add you name!